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AIX Memory utilization break down



Displaying the memory of one of AIX servers with 16 GB memory allocated , shows that utilization is 99%,  when trying to look the break down of that  by looking at the processes memory break down , they do not like relevant , the sum of all processes memory shows something below 3 GB.  

using the AIX command svmon -P -O summary=basic,unit=GB, shows  relevant information,  I have attached some pictures of the case

Any Idea of why Dynatrace is not displaying the correct processes  memory utilization.


p1app15 memory.JPGMemory detailed1.JPGMemory detailed2.JPGAIX Memory break down.JPG



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

 @balkhdoor ,

What timeframe did you use for the screenshots? Please notice that the value shown is the last value (despite saying Average), so please check the evolution.

But imagining that both data have been taken at the same time, and that issues like shared memory don't seem plausible, I would suggest opening a ticket. Support will be able to look deaper at this issue.

Antonio Sousa



Timeframe is the same.  I have opened a ticket for that.

Hi @balkhdoor, we would really appreciate it if, once you have a solution, you get back to share it with the Community! Thank you 🙂

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

Hi @Ana_Kuzmenchuk , Yes Sure will do that. Actually case still opened and working on it with the support.

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