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Action duration contributors and Apdex Rating page based?


Hi, I'd like to know how I could achieve to break down Action Duration Contributors and Apdex Rating to certain pages on my site? This would be helpful to track down problems on certain pages in the customer funnel. In the trial all data those Action Duration Contributors and Apdex Rating were based on all pages with the dynatrace-JS-tag - I'm wondering if it would be possible to use more than one of the ""-JS Tags in one account to achieve this or if there is an other approach?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi, You should only need one Dynatrace js tag (per application or web site). You will then get all metrics for the complete application or web site but also for individual pages. In Dynatrace these pages are called user actions with the type "load action". Other user action types are "XHR actions" which are XHR (Ajax) calls triggered by a user input like a click, touch or scroll and custom user actions which are added by the user using our JavaScript API. If you look at the example application in your environment and scroll down to the top user action section, then you can open one of the 3 user actions directly to get "page" metrics or open the full details to see more than just the 3 top user actions. I hope this helps, if not, you can also start a chat session and someone of our service team can guide you through the product.

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