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I would like to ask for help.
We want to use Microsoft SQL Server extension.

I am given a railway company, on a Microsoft SQL server there are several live databases. They are responsible for the operation of several live systems so they cannot just be restarted at any time.

Unfortunately, I get mixed information from people who say that the whole server needs to be restarted, which is problematic because many other live systems have their databases on this server.

So my question is, after installing an ActiveGate, do you have to reboot the server anyway, or is this misinformation?


I have done the oracle db poller and as it is running from the active gate there was no DB restarts required as its just pulling telemetry based off SQL queries


If you are polling the database using the following Extension /ui/hub/ext/com.dynatrace.extension.sql-server It does mention this: 

  • If your MS SQL database server is running on a virtual machine directly, you will need to install OneAgent on that virtual machine to get started.

But from my experience/knowledge, so take with a grain of salt, the DB shouldn't need a restart as the SQL engine itself isn't injected into like other services?


The service that is created will only ever show queries from Dynatrace instrumented callers. So as long as the agent is installed the SQL side setup + extension in theory I think its just connecting to the instance and polling it?


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