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Adding a custom network device in smartscape

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


Can anybody eleborate about the way smartscape discovers network connections between devices and custom devices?

Is it using a Tracert to discover connections, or is this done by using ARP. Maybe it is a secret?

Reason for asking is basically to find out what is possible and what is not, for example what happens in this situation: (nodeA) - (Custom1) - (Custom2) - (NodeB). Can smartscape still find the chain?

Can anybody comment on this?

KR Henk


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Each OneAgent monitored host or VM automatically reports communication relationships in realtime to the Smartscape topology resolution. Given an example where a OneAgent monitored host is already sending requests through an unmonitored firewall or data power to another OneAgent monitored host, Dynatrace already detects a so called proxy chain with IPs along the path. Thats even possible without to send a custom device if you look into the ServiceFlow proxy chain.

If you send a custom network device through API that contains one or more IP addresses (and in future also DNS names) the topology resolution will automatically place that network device in the correct topology within Smartscape and show the correct communication relationships with other hosts and processes.

However, what is not possible is to detect anything in an environment where no host is monitored with an OneAgent.

How long can the proxy chain get between two hosts that have a OneAgent installed?

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