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Aggregated IIS Event Session take a lot of time


Hello I try to investigate performance issue about calling api from web ui

Our Architect is

IIS Web -> HAProxy -> K8sIngress -> API

Then i use dynatrace to check where it slow.

I Found That it Spend a lot of in WebUI Not API Side so i check further.

See That Session is consume a lot of time.

How can i find what the root cause for this? Or I need to Contact Microsoft?

IIS version 10.0.14393.0


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You should go to host => edit and there you can enable early adopter feature about IIS Modules tracking:

after this you will see which module is rootcause. You have to restart iis after this change.


Regards, Sebastian

It Already On

I look Further and See the Session Module is the problem.

But What i can do next to improve performance.

Dynatrace will not help you more here. Problems with session module may have various of reason on IIS:

For example here. You should check IIS forums that are corresponding to this topic.


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you @sebastian k.

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