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An new ActiveGate Deployed after a second node has joined the cluster. Would OneAgent installed prior to adding second node smart enough to know the existence of new ActiveGate?

Client want to move the Dynatrace Managed to new set of servers.


a) don't want reinstallation of OneAgent

b) don't care about historical data

Thus, I proposed them to add the new set of servers to join the cluster of existing Managed, then deployed a new ActiveGate, then remove the old existing Managed follow by removal of old ActiveGate.

Would it works?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I think this will not work without reinstallation of Agents. You will not have to do it when server IP adresses will be the same.


Regards, Sebastian


Hello Wai,

If it were a new AG on the existing managed instance then you would be fine and the agent would see the new AG and add it to the connection list. The issue is that you are adding a new managed instance which means you will have to install agents from that instance as a best practice. Agents are built to connect to the instance that they are downloaded from.


David Nicholls

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