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Analyzing a pure path im seeing locked time, and also the timing structure is different to the code level analysis, is this normal?


Hi, this is my purepath, im seeing that for this particular purepath the lock time is 2.n seconds in general.

In the self time for this ExecureRequestHandler I can see that the elapsed time increased 2.7s. and the call just took 924ms.

In Appmon, this jump in the elapsed time on the asyncronous invocations regularly means that this time is due to get hold of the async thread that is going to execute the task.

Is this the same case for Dynatrace Saas?

Also, I'm seeing a little discrepancy in the code level and the timing for the purepath.

If I check the timing, I can see that the call to Tasks was after some DB calls.

But If I go to the code level analysis, I can see that the elapsed times jump forward and backwards.

So who is the source of truth, because seeing the timing I can see the following:

N DB calls were executed first> locked time(white space)> downstream call to task service > DB calls

Is it safe to assume that we had problems opening the connection/getting the connection?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I saw such situation with elapse time in appmon as well when there were async invocations. Can you show me method hotspots from this PP?

Regards, Sebastian



We've had an incident very similar to that you've described. We haven't found any documentation on what "Lock time" really means.

Did you find out in the mean time? Have you opened a support ticket for this issue?


Sorin Z

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