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Apdex Rating calculation in User Action View vs in Data Explorer



I noticed some differences between the Apdex Rating value in the User Action View of a determined user action and the value obtained when querying the Apdex (builtin:apps.web.action.apdex metric) from the Data Explorer. 


I would like to know the exact aggregations performed to display the Apdex Rating value in the User Action View page, since it sometimes differs from 0.1 to 0.5 points.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @aolcinaj 
You should be careful with the auto selected timeframe of the user action view. You should press the button "Remove analysis timeframe" and then evaluate the same timeframe you filter in data explorer.
Also, if you still see a difference, try to filter on the data explorer by user type: Real Users.



Best regards.


-César S. -


thanks for your reply. I have no timeframe selected. 

This is a 1minute resolution of the metric Apdex (by key user action)[web] of a determined user action, filtered by real users:



This is the Apdex rating chart from the User Action page, using the same timeframe, filtered by real users: 


The frequency and value of these data points attends to the user actions performed throughout the timeframe: 



I supposed the Apdex (by key user action)[web] would return the same value, but it doesn't. I would like to know how to retrieve the vaues shown in the Apdex rating chart of the User Action page, or at least be able to completely understand the difference. 




Could you share an image with all the filters you are using on data explorer?
The datapoints of visually complete or XHR actions are not the same of Apdex rating. The Apdex is a calculation based on a standard formula: Microsoft Word - Apdex Technical Specification V1.1.doc



-César S. -


these are the filters I am using:



I know how the Apdex is calculated. I meant the frequency of the data points of the Apdex rating chart is the same as in the performance chart, which is right considering the fact that both represent the samples, which are the actions performed by real users. 


But I still don't understand how the metric (apdex by key user action) is populated differenty and thus has more data points that the ones appearing in the Apdex rating chart. 


Do you mean why you have more data points on the data explorer vs. apdex on the performance view of the user action details right?


If the answer is Yes, I highly recommend opening a support ticket, because they will need to investigate on more details:


-César S. -

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