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Are the services detected still exist in the smartscape technology after oneagent uninstalled ?



Currently I install Oneagent in the development enviroment to testing and make sure there are nothing problem with the agent, and next few days I will uninstall the oneagent that connected in development environment, and then I will install oneagent to the production environment.

But I have a question about smartscape topology, and transaction & services.

Are the services in the development still exist in the smartscape topology, and transaction & services after I uninstalled the oneagent ?

Above is the smartscape topology from development environment that still running now



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

They will be there for 72 hours. Please check

"Smartscape displays data from the past 72 hours and therefore can't be adjusted using the timeframe selector. "

"A connection ages out and is no longer shown in Smartscape if the connection has been inactive for more than 72 hours or if a service hasn't received any load during the last 72 hours. "

Antonio Sousa

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