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Automatic tags for hosts belonging to different applications



At the end of this year, our customer is going to migrate their hosts to a new data center.
Nowadays we've created several manual tags for applications, services and hosts which we know is not a good practise because we can loose configurations when the hosts are migrated to the new data center.

The problem is that several applications share process groups, hosts and databases. So, for example, we can´t create host groups because of that; I mean, a host can belong to two or more applications.
For example: a particular host belongs to three different applications. So we have created manual tags with the name of the three applications.

Could you give us any directive in other to update this?

Let us know if you have any question



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Elena,

Propagating tags from Applications to Services is unlikely to be implemented due to the performance impact.

Have you looked at the idea of creating Host Groups based on the "tasks" of the Hosts rather than to which Application they belong? Then, you can tag each Host Group and automatically its components (Services and Process Groups) with the Application names – if they support multiple Applications.


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