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Availability Report for Management Zones


Management needs availability reports for the past day, week, month etc for our applications but not based on synthetics. We have this today in NAM. Is there a report for availability for a management zone? Are there availability reports for services? All custom reports are for cloud or synthetics. Many of our monitored entities have no web server and cannot be setup as an "Application" as defined in Dynatrace so we've been grouping this in Management Zones. Is this best practice?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There is no such option right now. What I can suggest I creating dashboard fur such case and use it as reference. After filtering it out you can use plugin to chrome (for example this: To download full report. Unfortunately it’s manual step. If you what kind of auto reporting, you can use timeseries API and some external toll that will fetch data regularly and make reports.

You can as well post product idea about this 🙂


Regards, Sebastian


Is there a tile for response time/availability that is not synthetic based? A tile that shows SLA percentage for availability and response time that we have not discovered yet?

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