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Behaviour of "All" menu item in Management Zone filter


Currently in our Dynatrace Managed Environment I see an "All" entry in the Management Zone dropdown list, as well as 2 Management Zones that I have defined. The AD group that my ID is associated with has the box checked beside the environment name. What I need to understand is whether an "All" entry would be present if I removed the checkbox from the environment and only had the two Management Zones checked? And if it is present, would it provide a cumulative view of all entities in the two Management Zones or everything in the environment? I am asking these questions because I have no way of testing this in our environment without impacting users (there seems to be no way of configuring a local user... i.e., a user that is not tied to an AD group).


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So "All" will always be there So say Joe is an Admin and there are 30+ Management Zones, as an ADmin he sees all those Management Zones. If Joe gives Beth 3 of these 30+ Management Zones then Beth will see "all" and the 3 Zones permitted to her. The all gives her the ability to see everything that she is allowed to see all at once - so in this case all 3 zones in one view.


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