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Better tagging/separation of Unmonitored Hosts


Is there anyway to separate or segment out certain domains of unmonitored hosts?

For example, on the above service flow diagrams there are buckets for "Requests to Unmonitored Hosts" that are really hosts from the client's environment, but are outside of where we are instrumented currently. Most of these are DataPower instances, or some sort of service bus. We do not have plans or the need to necesarily put an agent on those, but we'd like to be able to have a bit better ability to group domains underneath, like we can do with "Requests to Public Networks".

Is there anything close/similar to this that is available now? Or does anyone have any recommendations on how I can achieve this?

Thank you,


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What you can do is to create a custom device for those data power devices by using the Dynatrace API. See following example script on Github that uses SNMP to read properties and metrics from an IBM data power device.

Its possible to group all the service requests by sending in the IPs and ports of your data power devices through Dynatrace API. The service screen will automatically show aggregated metrics for each of your data power devices.

A side effect is that you can use all SNMP exposed metrics within a custom dashboard in Dynatrace.

Thanks Wolfgang. I have already passed the information regarding the DP plugin to my client - hoping they are interested and we can move forward with implementation.

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