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Bootstrap perl process is runnig only for 2 min and going to shutdown after restart

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We have some perl process to monitor those in dynatrace we have configured declarative process group detection rules.

After creating a rules, Dynatrace is detecting perl processes. Bootstrap perl process is detecting by Dynatrace  but it's not operating state it is only running for 2 min while restarting the process after that it's going to shutdown. We are using Kshell script for this bootstrap process under this some components are running and some of these components are detecting by Dynatrace.(PFA-2)

Please help us to understand why this process showing as Shutdown and How can we fix this?EWR-2.png


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @pb388 

Can you verify the agent log and see if there is a problem related to this process? There could be many causes, but let's check the agent log to start with.


Have a nice day!


Hi Jasinski,

Thanks for your response!

We have checked the one-agent logs, but we didn't find any problem related to this process in the logs. could you please explain how this Perl bootstrap process will work in Dynatrace?




I can't answer you how this is implemented technically for Perl. I suggest you set up a ticket in support - you will get the most detailed answer there.

Have a nice day!

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