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Built-in metrics on grail



I have try to use the new Grail visualisation with metrics

However, some builtin metrics are not existing yet in Grail (I am using this as reference

I am thinking of synthetic metrics : Browser monitors metrics are not there (it's only one example..)

Will it be available soon and migrated over the time ? any timeline ?

Best regards,


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


We're gradually working on migrating metrics to Grail and we're at the moment working on the first Synthetic metrics. We don't have a timeline for when all of the Synthetic metrics will be available in Grail but you'll gradually see more and more of them available in Grail as we progress with the migration.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We have slightly changed the strategy of synthetic metrics rollout.

First set of metrics will be available as a preview with Dynatrace version 269. It will cover huge majority of HTTP and 3rd monitors metrics plus basic set of Browser monitor metrics.

I will be happy to discuss reasons details of your use case, what are the main goals you would like to achieve with synthetic metrics in Grail.
I would like all community participants to consider my comment as an invitation to such discussion and participation in preview. Please, leave comment under that message if you're interested in. 


Best Regards,



Hi Jacek !
Unfortunately, I missed your response  in May ...
but if you need any feedback about synthetic metrics, I'll be happy to discuss.



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