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Can Dynatrace OneAgent monitor different SOA technologies ?


Hi all,

I will have a question regarding Dynatrace OneAgent's supported technologies. I looked for Dynatrace Help Web Page for supported technologies but just included "CICS SOAP over HTTP", "IMS SOAP Gateway" regarding SOA. So, Can Dynatrace monitor below ? Anybody knows ?

  • SOA Composite Application
  • SOA Composite Errors
  • SOA Callback and Invoke Requests
  • Deployment history of SOA Composite Applications
  • Deployment history of OSB Services
  • OSB Proxy Services

Best Regards,



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general Dynatrace is not monitoring soa itself, installing there agent will not effect any additional data on transaction level. By default end-to-end monitoring is working only of IBM MQ as I remember, but there is option for adding end-to-end visibility using OneAgent SDK:

If you want monitor metrics coming from mentioned soa services you can always create ActiveGate plugin (if they are exposed via API) or OneAgent plugin if they can be reached via CLI/bash. If there are no information about supporting out of the box it means that no extra metrics are available for those technologies.


Regards, Sebastian

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