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Can I change the boot order of OneAgent to initiate before a specific process ?

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Some clients ask me about the boot sequence of OneAgent process to boot before a specific process. 



You can configure alot of things w

Configuring the boot initialization of the Dynatrace OneAgent involves ensuring that the OneAgent starts early in the system boot sequence. However, keep in mind that the OneAgent is designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive, so it doesn't usually require specific boot sequence configuration. It automatically hooks into processes to collect monitoring data.

Here's a general guide on how to ensure the Dynatrace OneAgent starts early in the boot sequence:

  1. Installation: Ensure that the Dynatrace OneAgent is installed on the host where you want to monitor processes.

Service Configuration: The OneAgent is typically configured as a service that starts automatically during system boot. The service configuration might be different based on the operating system.

  • Linux: On Linux systems, the OneAgent service is usually configured using systemd. You can check if the service is enabled to start on boot using the following command:

    systemctl is-enabled dynatrace-oneagent.service

    If it's not enabled, you can enable it with:

    systemctl enable dynatrace-oneagent.service
  • Windows: On Windows systems, the OneAgent service is set to start automatically by default.

  1. Monitor Early Processes (Optional): The OneAgent doesn't need to start before every individual process to monitor them. It automatically hooks into processes using various instrumentation techniques. This is one of the key features of Dynatrace's non-intrusive monitoring.

  2. Tagging and Custom Configuration (Optional): If you need to ensure specific processes are monitored with custom settings, you can configure tags and custom monitoring rules within the Dynatrace platform. This will allow you to fine-tune the monitoring behavior for particular applications or services.

  3. Review Documentation: Consult the official Dynatrace documentation or reach out to Dynatrace support for any specific guidance or best practices related to the initialization and startup behavior of the OneAgent in your environment.

Remember, Dynatrace is designed to be easy to set up and use. Its automatic instrumentation and lightweight nature mean that you don't typically need to worry about manually configuring the startup order of the OneAgent relative to other processes. It's recommended to leverage Dynatrace's default behavior and utilize its features for custom configuration if needed.

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