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Capacity forcast


Hi Team,

Any idea how to plot forecast graph of infra metrics (cpu, memory and disk).

I have seen in some latest product videos that forecasting feature would be available in the latest new transformed product.

I tried using latest Notebook feature but couldn't find how to get the forcast data.







DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @SureshThakur 



I hope it helps.

Best regards,


Certified Dynatrace Professional

Thanks @Mizső for your response. I can find the forecast option now.

However, when I click on forecast then I am getting error message "Davis analyzer forecast failed."

5th row is getting added to the query automatically.



Any idea what is happening here. 


Hey @SureshThakur
The 5th line is added on purpose so that only the line you selected is forecast. We currently don't support forecasting of multiple lines.

I tried to reproduce the failed forecast on a production tenant with the same query
1) On what tenant are you trying to run the forecast?
2) What timeframe did you select?

Thanks for the response.

I am using demo (guu84124) tenant - https://{environmentid}

Timeframe selected was 7 days and 15 days 


Hey @LindaGratzer I am using guu84124, timeframe 30 days

Certified Dynatrace Associate | Vas Integrated Solutions

We think the failing forecast might be a permission issue. We are adapting the required permissions

Hi @LindaGratzer . I tried the same query in my own environment where I have full admin access and it is still failing with same error

@Ahmed_Khaled @SureshThakur 
we have updated some permission scopes on our side. Can you logout and login and try to run it again?

Hello @LindaGratzer I tried and still got the same error.



Certified Dynatrace Associate | Vas Integrated Solutions

@SureshThakur @Ahmed_Khaled 
can you include a screenshot and the data of the network request and response?

  1. open the developer console
  2. go to the network tab
  3. add '/analyzers' in the filter expression 
  4. execute the forecast
  5. select the dt.statistics.GenericForecastAnalyzer:execute request
    1. copy data from the tabs: payload, data (most important info: requestId in the response)




Please below screenshot. I can see the request is failing with 403. 



@Ahmed_Khaled @SureshThakur 
403 indicates that you are missing permissions/scopes reading buckets or executing the analyzer API. 
Sadly, I cannot help you here. you should open an RFA with someone from account management 

Thanks @LindaGratzer  - I tried in my own environment and it is working there. Appreciate your continues support on this. 

Hi @LindaGratzer I have attached the screenshot as requested. Ahmed_Khaled_0-1684950588200.png


Certified Dynatrace Associate | Vas Integrated Solutions

I got the same error 

Is this forecasting feature available on both Managed and SaaS?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @agylpradipta,

Only on SaaS Gen3 which was launched in April.

Best regards,


Certified Dynatrace Professional


They say it is "Powered by Grail" here. It means, only SaaS.

Best regards

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I am getting the same error as well

Certified Dynatrace Associate | Vas Integrated Solutions

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Sorry guys, I did these charts 2 or 3 weeks ago. It worked that time.

Now I am in the same situation. It does not work for me also. ☹️

Certified Dynatrace Professional

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