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Capture Host value from Cookie Header and rename the Service automagically with that value


Hi Experts, Please let me know if this is doable by creating a rule.

Dynatrace naming/detecting the services as {Service:WebServerName} {Service:WebContextRoot} and planning to dynamically rename with the Host value captured in Request Header of Cookie.

I am trying to achieve this by creating a rule in Service naming rules but not able to find out of the box feature/variables provided by Dynatrace. Is it doable by creating a Tag for Host value of Request Header and call that Tag in Service naming variables? If yes, please help me with the steps that I need to follow.

Thanks, Suresh.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Suresh,

I feel that there is no way to do that as every request may have a different host value in the header.
But why are you trying to do this?

If you want something more customized to name your services based on a host property you can use/pass host metadata settings to later use it in service/pg/host renaming/tagging.

Thanks for your suggestion @Gabriel C. As you know the way Dynatrace is detecting Service:WebServerName} {Service:WebContextRoot} is not helping to find the types of requests by looking at the service name, it would help us greatly in our environment if there is a feature available to capture the Host value from the cookie and rename the service. Thanks for your help @Gabriel C.

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