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Capture Request Body of a POST request in Dynatrace


Hi, I've a service monitored in Dynatrace and our front end makes a POST call to that service using an endpoint '/graphql' and sends a Payload/Body.

I am trying to find some performance issues of my service but the investigation is not leading anywhere unless we capture what is being sent in the request.


Is there a way to capture the payload in Purepath or somewhere in Dynatrace to see what is coming in the request? That would be ideal to understand which particular requests are affecting the performance of the application.


If i look into the browser of my application, the payload looks like this (It's a JSON body) - screenshot-1. 

BUT if I look at Dynatrace it just shows like this - screenshot-2



This is not currently possible. There is a RFE for capturing the POST body.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

We have never captured the body of a request, due to both resource consumption and security concerns. The workaround that I have explored for this is to find a method that exposes the same information and access it through a request attribute.

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