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Collection rules when one request attribute sets multiple data sources


When multiple data sources are set for one request attribute, only the first value is taken. What are the collection rules?







Community Team
Community Team

Hello @994620873!


I labeled your post with the request attributes label - I hope that way the experts on that topic will spot your question quicker 🙂


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If by collection rules you mean if only certain values are captured, then there are no extra rules.

All available values are captured and dynatrace then uses the first in the list as the value.

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Thank you for your reply.

In the environment of the screenshot, I set five data sources, select the first value in the rule, but take the value of the third data source in purepath, what is the priority rule when setting multiple data sources?

You can order the data sources with the little arrows. It goes down in priority from the top.

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Among the five data sources in the screenshot, the parameter 'param' has the highest priority, but the third parameter 'web request url' is displayed in purepath.

Ah sorry I now I get it. 

If you look at the Request Attributes for the top service in that PurePath, it will only pick attributes from that node for the data sources.


The header in the screenshot is not on the request to the initial service but on a downstream call to an external service (Request to public network). That's why it is not picking it up.



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