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Configure Dynatrace for Apache Server/Process


Hi, I want to configure Dynatrace for my Apache web server on Solaris Box. I have few queries if anyone can help -

1. What is the full process of installing/configuring dynatrace on Apache?

2. I have downloaded the zip file and configured for tomcat. Is it the same process for Apache as well?

3. Can we use the same zip file libraries to instrument Apache?

I know there are several posts out there telling the process and I have asked this before as well (incorrectly :)) but I just want to make sure i am doing it correctly because I will directly be doing on Production.

Any help is appreciated.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

As you can see here, for WebServer, there is separate binary file. You should download it. About instrumentation I suggest Appmon documentation, all steps related to unix should work:


Regards, Sebastian

@Sebastian K. Hi Sebastian, Thanks for your quick response. However I have a query.

So I already have oneagent running for tomcat. My Apache is also on the same host and from this documentation it looks like there is no extra config is needed. Just need to load the using Load_module directive in httpd.conf file

LoadModule dtagent_module /opt/tomcat/dynatrace/agent/lib64/

However i wonder what is dtagent_module here?

You are talking about OneAgent, but post in in Appmon forum, so my answer is related to appmon 🙂

Regards, Sebastian

@Sebastian K. I am sorry. I realized it later. Can you help me installing oneagent on Apache. As i said we have tomcat and apache on same host but are in different zones and we have oneagent running successfully on Tomcat.

Let me know if you can help please.

@Sebastian K. Hi Sebastian, one more thing. I have oneagent running on Tomcat and my apache is also on the same host but different zone.

Now if i just install oneagent on this Apache, where should i be making the configuration changes?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

About OneAgent: -> here you have interesting blog post. -> here is documentation and all steps you need to follow (for Apache Http server as well).


Regards, Sebastian

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