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Correlation between metric events


Is it possible to correlate two metric events? 1st metric event monitors, memory used % and 2nd metric event monitors, swap used %, I'm looking for a problem to be generated only when criterias defined in both metric event become true. Possible in Dynatrace?





Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi @SrikanthSamraj ,

Maybe you can use workflow

  • create custom metric alert for memory and swap and set as properties entity host.


  • create a workflow
    • tigger based on event: matchesPhrase(, "memory_info_event") and matchesPhrase(event.category, "INFO")
    • task: dql now - 5m to filter 
      fetch events
      | filter == "{{ event()[""] }}"
      | filter event.category == "INFO"
      | filter "sawp_info_event"
      // filter by to find a INFO 
      // may be you can define a match criteria diferent
    • task JS: create a code to send new problem passing the id of host as afected entity. If exist event INFO for swap and hostid.

Thanks for your response, @JoseRomero .

At this point of time, we don't have access to workflow usage, we will try to get elevated access to explore this feature.

Anything that can be done through metric event, in legacy monitoring systems like ITM, we had options of creating correlated or embedded ITM situation. Not sure if we have similar one available at the metric event level in Dynatrace.

Also, can a correlation be created between Memory saturation (OOTB) and swap space used % (metric event)?



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