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Create a service naming rule from a tag


We have some services whose name is "localhost:443" and the way to different among them is using tags. So, i would like to rename their names using tags in the name (nos only in the conditions). is it possible?



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Carlos,


Can you please confirm if the service is an Opaque Service? 
Please find the following document which shares some more light on those kinds of services and why we would not be able to rename them:
Opaque services 



Hi Abhi,


They aren't opaque services. the point here is that the service default naming rules are based on services field whose value is "localhost". So, the only way (I think) to modify their names in order to differ among them is using the process group name or a tag. However, I can't find any placeholder or the way to use it to get the value (I can see them in order to establish a condition in the service naming rule) and use it to rename the service.


Do you know any way to do that?


Did you already try looking through the "{ProcessGroup:" options in the Service Name format? I don't think you can use tags but process group properties including the name are available. You can also use regex patterns to parse these values. 


@carlos_ortega, Yes we can use service naming rule to modify the names of services instead of manually editing each service name section.


Try use below in service naming rules under service name format, you will get your desired naming format.






you can give some customized names if you have any like,

ABC - {HostGroup:Name}_{Service:DetectedName}


If you would like to use auto tags, I recommend go with the customized option as there is no tags option available in service naming rule other than AWSNametags.


Try using couple of Regex format to reach desired output. Hope this helps, thanks..


happy coding..


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