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Custom Application Log Format?


Hi.  I'm a new Dynatrace user so please bear with me as I haven't seen the examples.  

I am trying to parse a custom application's log within Dynatrace and set alerts based on various fields and keywords within the log file.  The issue is that the custom application produces text files with a *.txt format and separated the fields within the log with a pipe delimiter.  The log is created with a timestamp at the end of the file each hour (ie log file name.YYMMDDHHMM.text).  

I haven't tried it yet or seen many examples of this (yet or maybe I'm not looking in the right place).  

Do I use the custom log ingestion process to ingest the file and then use the DPL to parse the custom format?  Or, would it be better for me to write a KSH script rename the 'crazy' log file into something that Dynatrace can read and parse more easily (ie make it look like a Windows System log file)?.

Any guidance would be appreciated.  



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Do you know if your tenant is Grail enabled? Or are you going to use Logs Classic?

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I believe that the team set it up with Logs Classic, but if you tell me that it only works with Grail enabled then I can speak with them about the importance of that feature.


I would try to ingest logs using Log storage configuration (Logs Classic) 

And you have Log processing examples (Logs Classic).

Best regards

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