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Custom metrics API trial account limitation


Hello all , the Custom devices and metrics api documentation stands for following :

Dynatrace provides you with a free quota of 100 metrics per month for each Dynatrace SaaS environment or Dynatrace Managed cluster.

It's quite unclear to me what does it mean exactly - is it metrics types or actual reported metrics.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This means that 100 metrics can be continuously monitored each month. Counting an pricing of custom metrics follows a sliding window of a month (28days). So if you buy 1000 metrics you can monitor 1000 + 100 free custom metrics every month, either all of those metrics on one device or only 1 metric on 1100 devices. A metric here means the entire timeseries of measurements, no matter how often you update the data.

If you do not actively write the metric it will therefore removed from pricing count after 28days.

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