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Database monitoring


Hi guys, good afternoon.

I need help database monitoring.

I have a question, in the database part, somewhere I can see the moment that started monitoring a certain database. The beginning of monitoring. If have this option, could you help me?

Thanks very much

Sorry my english, starting now




you can go to the database services from the left side menu and in there you can find all the databases under monitoring. If you need deep database monitoring, go to the hub and download and configure the required database technology 




Yes, that part ok. In the database part, is there anywhere I can see the time when we started monitoring a specific database. When did Dynatrace identify the database and start monitoring it?

When any request talks to the database. It will start its monitoring 



Yes, I want more information in this section, to know the information about the moment when this communication started.
I need to know the day and time when they connected.

If you set your timeframe for the view of that Database Service so it goes back far enough. You will see when the first request was received. But the longer you go back in time (e.g. over 7 days) the data will be aggregated so then you will only know the hour and not the minute the first request was observed.

You can use the multi dimensional analysis with filtering the database service name. Don’t forget the time frame filter 

I hope that helps 

Esam Eid

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