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Define an application based on custom service

Since Application is made-up of Service, how can I define an application based on custom service?

It just seems like the only way to define an application is based on URL and domain name.

Perhaps, a more general question to ask is: If the application is being served through client program instead of using web browser, how can I define it as an application?

Then, if I able to define it as an application, would it be possible to get UEM data?



Hey Wai,

An “Application” in Dynatrace is defined based on the domain or URL rules created from the Real User Monitoring (RUM/UEM) data received as as a result of the JavaScript agent injected into the users’ browser automatically (via oneagent) or manually by modifying your html code. It cannot be defined based on the server side service data collected by the oneagent. So you cannot define an application based on a custom service and receive UEM data.

Hope This Helps


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