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Define same web request naming for several services


Hi all,

my question si very simple, we've hundreds of services and I want to define a web request naming rule for all of them (the rule to define is the same).


The way to do this only one time is using the Global request naming rules with the API to define one general rule?

Thanks in advance!

Josep Maria


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Within the settings of Dynatrace you can set naming request rule for your services/trasnactions:

You can also rename services, 3 lines up. and under processes and containers you can rename detected processes as you see fit.


Yes! But the creation of these global rules was via API only, rigth? We've one rule working for one of the services, can I get these individual rule via API to use it for the global rule creation?

Regards! Josep Maria

I believe so yes:


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