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Deploying multiple One-agents on large environment



Could you please help us with the following requirements? The requirement is for a large environment

We have to deploy 1200 one agents (with different technologies like java, .net).

We need to complete this requirement in 2 months.

Could you please suggest if we get any script from Dynatrace for the deployment of such a large number of oneagent?


Is there anyway a script can be written so that the script can support all technologies i.e., we can use the same script for all the agents of different technologies?


What is the best to implement the above requirement (if possible please provide the steps or any document)

Thanks in advance




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For Dynatrace the applications technology stack does not matter for agent rollout, only the operating system of the host matters.

For linux the installation is done with a bash script, which can be automated with any tool, for windows you can automate it with the provided MSI package.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

Thank you so much Patrick.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Adding a bit, check out this page for how to deploy to various operating systems. In general the installation is very simple especially if you're using an OS like Linux where the install really only has 2 key steps (get the installer script and run it).

Further, with the OneAgent whatever method you establish will work for any and all of our supported technologies that you have. All you need to worry about is installing it on the host and it will be able to find and instrument any applications running supported technologies that are running on them. So there is really no need to consider each technology when deciding how to automate the installation.


Thank you James.

Please clarify one more doubt.

To install Oneagent, we go to the console,-->Deploy Dynatrace-->Start installation-->Linux-->select installation type (x86/64)-->then need to run wget -o commands (on target host, verify signature, and run installer with root rights)--> restart processes

Here, my question is, How to create script with above steps? could please provide the steps?

This is my first assignment on Oneagent installation. So a bit confusion.

Thanks in advance



Thank you so much Dave for providing the useful links

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