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Deployng Dynatrace OneAgent to servers that have AppMon agent


We have a non production environment of 50 plus servers which is fully instrumented with AppMon agents. We want to create a Dynatrace PoC on the same environment which will involve rolling out the OneAgent to same servers. I know it's not possible to have the 2 agent types running in parallel so i'm wondering is there an easy way to disable the embedded AppMon agents without manually removing them from JVM argument listings and having the apps restarted? If this is possible it will save a considerable amount of time.





You do not have to remove the AppMon JVM args. It will probably be good for your teams readability, but it is not necessary in order for dynatrace OneAgent to monitor the process. dynatrace OneAgent will add itself in (assuming the process is monitored in dynatrace) without you having to manually modify those JVM args. There was a similar ask here. However, the runtime will require a restart for this to take effect - as for any process.

Hope it helps you out,



If we want to migrate from Appmon to Dynatrace , Would it be necessary to uninstall Appmon? Can Appmon and manage coexist?

Hi Francisco,

you do not necessarily have to uninstall AppMon, but when you install the OneAgent to a host, if you have a process you would like to monitor still in AppMon then be sure to turn off dynatrace (OneAgent's) deep monitoring for that process if you still wish to monitor it with AppMon.

As soon as you are ready to monitor this process in dynatrace, you just need to switch the button from disabled to enabled for that process. We discussed the approaches in this thread. Easy as that 🙂



Gray, One quick clarification, do I need to remove Appmon arguments on each JVM and restart the JVMs and then install OneAgent? OR Just install OneAGent it will override the existing Appmonsetting with OneAgent..? We are unable to find the right standard best practice procedure... Thanks

Hi Rajesh,

"Just install OneAgent it will override the existing Appmonsetting with OneAgent..?"

Exactly that, yes! 🙂

IMO if you are not planning to use AppMon again, it would be a good practice to remove the args, but it is not a necessity.



Is it possible to control which applications / JVMs to not instrument through the command line parameters? Or even through the REST API?

Eg: Lets say I have host A. On this I have three JVMs running. JVM1 JVM2 and JVM3.

JVM1 and JVM2 I want to use oneagent on, and I therefore restart those JVMs once the OneAgent is installed.

However if I want to make sure JVM3 is not instrumented, can I control this, either through command line parameters, or through the REST API?

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