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Difference between One Agent and AMD.Who actually collects data in Dynatrace and from where to where data flows ?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

What do you mean by AMD? In general OneAgent is collecing data for several ways. For example plugins (build in and custom) are used for extracting extra metrics from monitored processes. For extracting metrics from devices/hosts that cannot be monitored by agent, we can use ActiveGate plugin which will fetch metrics for you. OneAgent is instrumenting processes as well this is source of PurePaths (transaction level data with method invocations, DB communication, MQ etc).


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks mate for the OneAgent part it is clear now

AMD means Agentless Monitoring Device which is used for DC RUM monitroing.

So i want to know the difference between the One-Agent and the AMDs

Oh ok, AMD is tracking network communication in NAM/DC RUM. Traffic is analysed and based on that you can measure performance or even capture some business parameters. If you have NAM integrated with Dynatrace than data from nam are visible in Dynatrace as Custom Application:

Here is example of NAM integration for Citrix. Then such entities monitored with AMD are visible on smartscape as well so you can see relation between services monitored by Dynatrace and NAM. But Dynatrace in such correlation is main system, NAM is used as source. If anyone has something to admit here it would be nice 🙂 I hope you are clear now.


Regards, Sebastian

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