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Disk Latency Calculation Logic


Team , Do any one know how Dyntrace defines the standard threshold for Disk Latency. I saw instances where disk latency is less than 1 ms but still its saying its a problem however instances where more than 4 ms is also fine. Not able to understand the logic behind calculation. Can someone please explain . Thanks


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Adarsh,

The threshhold is basline based and out of the box breaches if disk read time and write time is higher than baselined ms in 3 out of 5 samples.

You can change this in Settings > Anomally Detection > Infrastructure. There you can find the settings for latency thresholds, verify your settings and set your custom values if the threshold is met for more than 3 samples it will raise a new problem alert.

Also you can set other rules specific to some disks:


Thanks @Rodrigo A. , it should help.

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