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Do Service Request URL cleanup rules and naming rules not work together?


Hi, I am working on adding a request attribute to the request name for a group of service requests. I am running into an issue where some previously implemented URL cleanup rules don't work when the request naming rule is implemented.

The URL cleanup rules were removing a token that wasn't needed in our request names.

The request naming rule adds a request attribute called pyActivity to the end of the request.

We want to be able to have the request name remove the token found in the URL, and add the request attribute to the end of the request. Below are the rules I am currently using to try to cleanup URL and add the request attribute.

URL Cleanup Rule:

Request Naming Rule:

Anyone know if there is a way to make these two rules work together for our request names?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The issue is that you are using URL:path in naming rule. Cleanup rule does not change url path, it is changing request name. (when you go to purepath, you will see full path there without cleanups). There is no placeholder that may use current url name so it may be difficult to make it work like you want. It is good point for product IDEA for adding another placeholder (current name).


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian! I will go ahead and setup an RFE for using "Current Name" as a placeholder for the request naming rules.

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