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Do you have experience in Elastic APM vs Dynatrace comparision?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello, I was wondering about your experience with elastic APM. I don't know this solution, I've read available materials, documentation and watched video presentations. But I don't have practical experience with this tool. We have meeting with team in organisation where there is Dynatrace. But this team from 2 years was building monitoring based on elasticsearch (logs + apm). We need to talk with them about something what can be done extra in DT that cannot be acheaved in ELK. We know about such things like metrics from vcenter (they have virtualized hosts), complexity of transactions that are coming from other monitored systems, AI and problems that have events (deployment changes etc) in context. But according to available materials, there are in ELK informations about transaction stack trace, about catching arguments, stacktraces of exceptions etc. There are as well powerfull tools for filtering data. Amount of work needed for building cockpits isn't issue here because we are assuming that they've already done it.

We need some technical hints from persons that maybe know ELK APM and know Dynatrace as well 🙂




Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Automation (instrumentation/injection) is one of the key strengths of Dynatrace, especially when containers are involved. Root cause analysis (the AI2.0 with baselining) too.
Also, PurePath includes not only transaction tracking, but also code level data together. I haven't tried the RUM part of Elastic's APM, but it did not seem competitive to me.

If you are trying to fight the "free tier" of APM, it might be tough if they have 2y of customizations already. The free elastic tier, however, lacks very important features such as notifications or permissions.

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