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Does dynatrace monitors communications protocol other than https & https ?

I'am runing at my company kafka and other type of communication between sites, I wonder if dynatrace can trace (fully monitor) protocol like kafka, AMQP, WebSocket, MQTT.

Does the monitoring of theses process if it exists provide similar visibility on request like ( respond time, delay in request, message lost etc). Particularly for ASYNCHRONOUS REQUEST/PROCESS.

Just for information I'am running Dynatrce managed


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace itself does not directly monitor the protocol on a network layer. In fact, it is instrumenting the application on both ends and adds additional metadata to the protocol to be able to stitch the calls monitored on both sides. Thus you want to check support for a particular framework or technology, not for a protocol.

You can find the list of currently supported technologies and frameworks here:

As far as I know from your list - Kafka support is available and it is currently in early access program.

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