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Does the log once recognized disappear from the display?



The following page describes the requirements for Dynatrace to automatically detect logs.

What happens if the log detected by Dynatrace no longer meets the conditions?

For example, due to log rotation, the size of the log becomes 0 kb, etc.

(The log size is 0.5kb or more is the condition for detection.)

I want to know the behavior when the log once detected does not meet the condition.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You may see for current period of time that log is unavailable until conditions will be met again. In general when you are trying to open log dynatrace is reading only entries that are mathing timeframe picked in dynatrace. It doesn't metter if log file is 0kb or just doesn't have any entries from this tim, you will get no results.

Remember that dynatrace is keeping logs locally only when you have log analytics license and you've configured particular logs to be stored. Without it you will not be able to read old logs when they will disappear or will be purged.


Regards, Sebastian


Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for answering.

From your answer,I understand that the log may not be available until the condition is met again.

When the log is not available, it is not displayed from the screen of Dynatrace, is this understanding correct?

Best regards,

Kaori Nakayama

Yes 🙂 you're correct

Regards, Sebastian

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