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Duplicate Services because of host groups separation, can we fix/merge duplication?


Experts, please help what would be a fix for the following?

Noticed the same service is being triggered based on host groups have been defined and it is causing duplication of the same service. I am not able to merge these services.
Please suggest how I can show all transactions for these services under one service without any changes to the host group?

Thanks for your help!


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You cannot, host groups are intended to force process groups to be split and thus also to split services (which are tied to one and only one process group). You can use naming rules to make it clearer (e.g. use the hostgroup in the service name). But there is intentionally no way to merge them if they are in separate hostgroups.

If they should be in the same service the hostgroups should be reconfigured to account for this and then you can use tags to separate them further.

make sense @James K. Since that is not doable, can I apply a Tag for each host group so that I can filter the host group on Services? Could you suggest how to apply a Tag with the same name as host group? Appreciate your help!

There is a placeholder that you can use for this - it can also be used in a service naming rule. If you keep the host group as-is I would recommend that so it is obvious which is which:

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