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DynaTrace integration with InterSystems company-owned (Caché) database


I would like to take this doubt with you, users, administrators of DynaTrace.

Today in a presentation of DynaTrace I was asked if DynaTrace is capable of collecting data from a database of its own for the health area of Brazilian companies. The database and (Caché) of the company InterSystems. I was in doubt and I decided to bring it to the forum, with the expectation that someone may already have it deployed in partners that use the same database.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace collects data about a database from the application. So it's dependent on the monitored (instrumented) application how it accesses this database. If it is a standard interface such as JDBC (and the application itself is in Java) or ODBC (and the application itself is in .NET) then it will be supported as any other database.

Dynatrace does not collect anything from databases directly, only monitors database calls from the applications. If you need to collect/monitor anything from the database that is not initiated by your monitored application, you will have to write your own plugin (Oneagent / Activegate).

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Thank You, answered my question clearly.

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