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Dynatrace API to fetch configured(custom) quotas / limits for HUs, DDUs and other license info


Hello everyone,

Is there any dynatrace API which we can utilise to fetch the configured quotas / limits (which we have configured on our own ) for Host units, DDUs and other license info?
So, what we see in the dynatrace UI (called as max limits / quotas), I NEED TO FETCH THAT INFO USING THE API and then calculate how much DDUs/HUs quota is left in my dynatrace environment.  (after subtracting it from the consumed DDUs/HUs)

Thank you in advance !!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @radek_jasinski 
I am NOT looking for license consumption data. This I already know. 🙂
I am looking for an api which could fetch me the configured quotas / (max) limits for license consumption / HU / DDU.


I would use the settings API for this, as each configuration variable is reflected in a parameter object:

Here is a more comprehensive description:

However, these settings only apply to a specific environment and not to the entire Dynatrace Managed (or SaaS) cluster. If you want to get the information from the CMC, you have to use the cluster API (I don't know if such detailed license consumption limit settings are available).


Have a nice day!

Thanks @radek_jasinski .
I used this api and is able to fetch the quotas.
However, the values are coming different from the ones which I see the dynatrace console. For some environments, the values are correct (HU/DDU and other values) & for some environments, the values are wrong.
This is an unexpected bahavior. 
I don't understand which one is correct?
the api call or the dynatrace console

In my experience, the data in the DT GUI can refresh with a slight delay.
Can you show an example? Perhaps you have chosen a different data range:)

Have a nice day!

Yes, I am now able to see the correct data. It was an issue from my end.
Thank you so much for your help 🙂


Great 👍 

Have a nice day!

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