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Dynatrace Agent for Oracle Database On prem vs Oracle Cloud



We currently have an Oracle Database on a host with a Dynatrace agent.

We have full visibility into the DB performance.


There are discussions to migrate the database to Oracle Cloud OCI or MS Azure Cloud.

1) How would Dynatrace maintain visibility into the database if it is moved to either of these platforms?

2) How does the visibility of the Oracle DB on these cloud platforms compare to what the agent can see currently on a server/on-prem host?






It all depends whether you can install an agent there.  Dynatrace captures SQL statements from the calling requests. So for all the queries and performance you'll see the same. This also applies for the plugins.

If installing an agent is not possible, you'll lose the infrastructure metric (CPU etcetera) of these hosts. Basically the host overview page..

#Performance matter!


Thank you !!

Of particular interest, what is the level of Dyantrace visibility into the Oracle cloud when SAS is chosen? (Not Infrastructure)


Hi Chris,

The agent captures the same for an Oracle database, it doesn't matter if it's Cloud or On Prem. It just captures the query. Bases on that you'll get information about queries / procedures the end applications do.  So this enabled you to directly link end-users to database queries. 

You'll miss out on the infrastructure part since it is Oracle cloud and thy Dynatrace OneAgent can't be installed.
I'm not sure if there is an extension for that. You can get more information about a database and capture more queries using existing Extension like:

Also: you can always develop your own plugin or course.


Kind regards,

#Performance matter!

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