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Dynatrace Certification Professional exam guidelines


Hello all.

I really appreciate guidelines, references, and advices for preparing Dynatrace Certification Professional (apart from blueprint posted on dynatrace website)

Many Thanks in advance



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general you should just have practical experience with dynatrace deployment to accomplish exam with success. Theoretical questions are related to use cases you can see during work with tool, practical part is simple deployment of DT on provided application. You shouldn’t be worry about it. I suggest checking documentation few times. Focus on some parts that are marked as important inside tables and should be fine 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you can also do Online classes (VTL) for training in preparation of the exam



Many Thanks for your answers.

I really appreciate additional suggestion /recommendations in order to prepare the exam (may be some dynatrace resources , or how could cover VTL if I can not attend to those classes).

Kind regards

With the redesign of the Dynatrace University, It is easier then ever to Access Dynatrace resources and training material for the exam you wish you complete. Here is an example of the professional Exam. Keep in mind, viLT will cost some money/flex points, but taking a taste of the exam is free, accessing the exam Blueprint and MindMap is free, along with the countless free webinar sessions and free training videos contained in the University. There is also a layout of the Knowledge area and the percentage of which they make up the exam.

Here is a quick link to the page:



Many Thanks Chad

I realize there are only 20 questions for testing and I feel this is not enough to simulate the exam.

In the blueprint is not very precise the tasks to be requested during practical exam, it seems also there are some tests during practical exam but is not clear the nature of this test.

Are there any recommendations on read blogs, videos or similar?

Kind regards.

yeah so the associates exam they reworked and the tossed out the 20 question taste of the test and put the 70 questions from the old exam as "taste the test" I would assume they will be doing the same for the pro, tho that might take some time. For me, its all about reading the blogs, joining in on their power demos and performance series, along with getting hands on. Personally, im a hands on person, but what ever works for you!


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Just a tip, this really put to test the fact that someone actually uses the platform, not only read the docs. Both SaaS and Managed. You actually need hands on deck to be able to get more than a few answers.

There is a lot of question from architecture pov, recommendations of things that are not really on the docs but presented as a need from the customer and select the best-suited answer, also a lot of questions from DEM.

I think that the Taste of the test doesn't do justice to at least the first part of the Pro Exam.

@Gil G. bump into quizlet - Dynatrace :: Become a Jedi Master yesterday, may be the question and answers can help a bit. Must add that we don't know the guys that wrote the answers and didn't went over all the 475 cards but its look that someone put a lot of effort into it.

dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

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