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Dynatrace End-To-Tracing with OpenTelemetry




I am exploring Distributed Tracing in Dynatrace (OpenTelemetry/OneAgent/Java) to stitch and visualize end-to-end transactions. I have 2 services - Service A and Service B. Service A sends a message to Service B. I can see open telemetry data individually for Service A and Service B but they are not stitched together in Dynatrace even though Context Propagation is enabled and it is happening (I can debug the application locally and see it being received in Service B correctly). I have configured all the settings as per the documentation but Dynatrace is not able to relate Service A and Service B. (Note - Service A sends message to Service B using Nats Messaging). Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.    


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Asifali,


As far as I know, messages need to be stitched together by creating spans manually/properly pass the OTel context from span to span to ensure they use the correct span ID.  Messaging systems in OTel rely heavily on span links, which currently aren't supported in Dynatrace.  This is something currently being worked on, but it's open source so there isn't really an ETA.  I've included some documentation that maybe some use to you.  Hopefully this helps a bit.


Thank you for the response, problem is resolved after setting the context propagation rules.

Thank you for the response, setting context propagation rule solved the problem

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