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Dynatrace SaaS - Process Group Detection... Is it case sensitive?



I've got a customer that has distinguished different processes based on case sensitivity. i.e. WebServer1, webServer1, Webserver1.

When creating rules for Process Group Detection, is it case sensitive?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

In a quick test it does appear process groups are case sensitive:

Though note that as the name suggests process groups are ideally groups of processes that perform are part of the same logical group so if the goal here is to use process groups to identify individual instances that may not be the best solution.

Also just an opinion - using case to distinguish anything doesn't seem like it would be easy to manage and might cause confusion. Is there any reason this decision was made?


Thanks James for the screenshot! Yeah the client is transitioning from one set of standard naming conventions to another and needed to monitor both. So they are in a transition period.

Ah gotcha - that's reasonable!

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