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Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.251 - did we get pre release?

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader


We received Dynatrace SaaS update 1.251 but the release notes say "Pre-release information".

Did we get a pre release?

We are seeing a great update to data explorer with templates but that is not in the release notes.

Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.251 | Dynatrace Docs


Please update us and the release notes.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello! We published the release notes this morning, so you might have reached the pre-release version while the GA version was still rolling out. We publish the pre-release version about a week before roll out and initially, it's only available if you type the URL, it's not indexed and not available in navigation.


When it comes to the Data explorer templates, we're checking it with the team and will add a related entry as soon as it's clarified. Thanks for your feedback!

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

First off, 


sorry, you are right and the simple explanation is that after all the communication (blog, upgrade, observability clinic) we're behind by 1 version right now with the release notes.... but we're already on it and expect it to be there by the end of this week.


Again sorry!  

Thanks to you both for responding.  From a client side, we would like to see release notes before being updated.  Yes, I see completed version now Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.251 | Dynatrace Docs


Also, it does not look like data explorer templates made the release notes.  Many customers would like to see this in the notes.  


Thanks again.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

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