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Dynatrace & SCOM


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could confirm that these are very different tools, being Dynatrace more application-oriented and SCOM infrastructure-oriented. An associate of ours was also wondering if it was possible to compare them.

Doing some research I found out the following key differences in SCOM:

  1. Event-based rather than transaction based - Infrastructure
  2. Offers backup capabilities - Infrastructure
  3. Virtual machine management - Infrastructure
  4. Integrates with Windows Server - Vendor Specific
  5. Integrates with Azure ops management services - Vendor Specific
  6. Executes PowerShell runbooks (equivalent to Ansible playbooks?)

Looking forward to hearing from you.





Hi Fabio, How did you go with your evaluation? I am in an organsiation moving from SCOM to Dynatrace so I'm keen to hear your thoughts.

Hi Susan,

I have evaluated SCOM only on paper and therefore cannot give you a fair comparison.

It looks to me that for infrastructure monitoring and management it offers more features than Dynatrace, which is meant mainly for application monitoring. It is indeed possible to monitor your infrastructure and get key metrics such as memory and processor usage, but you cannot manage your virtual machines or take backups. My team currently does that through the Azure Portal.

In my opinion it is also important to evaluate how dependent are you on Microsoft, as SCOM integrates certainly better with products like Azure and Windows Server. At the other hand Dynatrace runs on more platforms (notably Linux) and offers four product families:

  1. A web portal (SaaS).
  2. A web portal for synthetic monitoring.
  3. A data-center monitoring utility (DC RUM) which I have not used yet.
  4. A client-server application monitoring utility.

Hope this helps.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Fabio L. and @Susan W.

There is a third party comparison between Dynatrace & SCOM. Check the following link and download the report to understand the main difference.



Thanks Babar, I will definitely have a look.

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