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Dynatrace built-in function for producing Architectural Diagrams


Hi All,

Can Dynatrace generate network, service flow or architectural kind of diagrams that can be used in documentations ? Basically I am looking for inbuilt DT function that can generate PDF's or Visio files especially from Smartscape that can replace the screenshots/ snipping in the documentations.


Thank you.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


There are no builtin Dynatrace functions that can be used to produce your requested PDF or Visio files.

You could use the Entities API to grab that data and do the layout though.


Antonio Sousa

Cheers @AntonioSousa , Let me explore that option.

@Roopesh_Prabhu you can use graphing libraries such as graphviz to generate the desired output.

In addition, you can copy&paste the SVGS (service flows for example) from Dynatrace UI too (by copy&paste the SVG). But that's mostly for a single shot - if you need to export it in good quality without doing screenshots.

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