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​Dynatrace fault detection


My name is Hirata.


As a condition to rise to "Problems" in Dynatrace,
Is it only affected by "two or more components"?

If the above conditions are correct, is it possible to change to "one or more components"?

For example, there is no way to detect by a single fault, such as when it is 100% by CPU monitoring or when a specific character string is detected in a specific log.

Thank you.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There are problem patterns that trigger when only a single component is effected.

For example infrastructure level problems about metrics like CPU Consumption like you mentioned, or other metrics like memory disk space, no configuration required.

For the latter, you have to define a log event for that specific string. You can set the occurence for which it should trigger a problem manually, it is possible to trigger a problem if the message appears only once.

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Thank you for your reply.
I understand it based on the contents you taught.
One point, it becomes a question additionally.
Will alerts detected by log monitoring not appear in Problems? (Although the number of cases will increase on the detection graph no matter how many times it is done, it is not displayed in Problems)

Log Patterns will result in a Problem. When configuring the log problem pattern you can define at what number of occurences the log pattern should start a problem.

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