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Dynatrace for cloud - questions


Hello all, 

I am currently creating a quick presentation about whether using Dynatrace or not. 

I got a couple of points, which I couldn't answer. Maybe you can help me with that.

I found a picture of an architecture with using Dynatrace and on-prem infrastructure. Is there also a picture of this, but with cloud infrastructure? Basically, how it works, when having the infrastructure in the cloud? How will the data be collected and send? Is there a use of other monitoring-tools? Do we need OneAgent and ActiveGates?

Last but not least, if you want to monitor your cloud environment, how would you do that? I found out about AWS, Azure and Google, but if you have any other cloud?

Hopefully you can help me out 

Thank you in advance, 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @MaxHeeren 

If you have another cloud then you try to monitor the hosts using OA. You can also monitor the WEB application or feed Dynatrace with additional metrics via the API. Create Metric Events on these metrics.

For SaaS, you can find all the information here:


Have a nice day!

Hello @radek_jasinski 

ok, thank you. 

And if you have for example, AWS. Would the architecture look like this: 

Cloudwatch is monitoring everything in AWS and an ActiveGate in our company (on-prem) is collecting the data from Cloudwatch? So there would be no need for a OneAgent?

You won't get all your data out of CloudWatch. You may need OA for deeper analysis. However, the architecture looks as you wrote.

Have a nice day!

Ah ok! But where would the OA be installed? Especially, if you can't install the OA on the cloud server because of compliance rules?


You can read:

Best regards

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Hello @AntonPineiro 

well, I did. But these are still the questions that I have 😞 

Maybe, you could help me out on that? 

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