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Dynatrace not monitoring our services


Please find attached screenshot.
1. Transaction & Services section is not monitoring some of the web services on the server.
We are supposed to see USAA_DEV and USAA_PROD in the services which are missing.
We need to get a monthly response time report for the client so this is something High Priority task for us.
2. What are the Requests to unmonitored hosts here?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Requests to unmonitored hosts are requests to host on you network that are not instrumented with a one agent. You will get the URI and response time of the request, but if you want more details you have to instrument that host with a OneAgent as well.

For the missing webservices I would first check, if it is just a naming issue. Look at the detected webserivces on that host and see if the webreqeusts you are looking for are there.

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We recently discovered that you need to have traffic going through your services before they will show up in Dynatrace.

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